Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hike for Hospice 2009

22 February 2009 was the day for Hike for Hospice 2009 which was organised by the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care (SPHC).

This is an annual charity fund raising event of the organization. The SPHC provides support and care services for people with life limiting diseases which may no longer be responsive to cure-oriented therapies, such as cancer and chronic obstructive airway disease. The principle of the society is "adding life to days when days cannot be added to life".

The day was not too hot, 22 degree celcius, a perfect day for hiking. The hiking started at 9:00. There were 3 routes for hikers to choose, 18km and 12 km for experience hikers and one 12km general hiking. I chose the general one and I used 3 hours 45 minutes completing the hiking. The fastest hikers used about 1 and a half hours to finish a 18km hiking. Wowww, they were so fast. During the hiking, I met them at some check points and they were not hiking, they were running. They are runner.

After the hiking, we were provided with traditional curry lunch. Yummy food. The day, I went home with a headache. Headache again? my god.

Here are some photos of the hiking route.

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  1. What a beautiful hike, and what a wonderful organization to raise funds for!