Saturday, 6 September 2014


I never tried to take photos in that way, minimal.  The idea is to get the attention of the audiences to the special "extraordinary" item in the photo.  

Photos with big contrast with shape, color, and texture would have the extra item pop-up.  It was the first time I did it.  In the progress of the shooting, it was very challenging to get what can be named minimal.   

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Temple Street in Hong Kong

Last night,  I went for photography with an interest group which is grouped by people from different countries and who are living in Hong Kong at the moment.   Of course, I am a local Hong Kong person.  It is interesting to go to Temple Street and act like tourist to "look" at the stalls and people around the place.

Some of the people do not want our interrupt to their business while some of the stall owners quite welcome your action of photo taking.  I don't dare to photo them from front and so I did it in a distance.  

Interesting to did it on a hot night with lots of sweat.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Luckily me

I love life and want my life beautiful.   Then, what is a beautiful life?  Having your love one besides you?  When you are success in your work and your works are being confirmed and appreciated?  Having a sweet home sweet?  How about live your life in the way you prefer without giving other hard time?  To me, it is more important to have a calm and peaceful heart for my life.

How to find peaceful from your heart?  It is not easy.  There are too many things in this universe can affect your emotion, and it stir your life and turn it into a mess.  I must admire that my mind is not in peace these days.   I hope that peace can come back to me soon.

I need help, the help from the inner me.   I have confidence that I can find the help I need because I am still be loved by my friends and family.  I am not alone and they willing to listen to me.  Luckily me.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Have written nothing for a long long time. It seems a bit difficult to start writing again.... Today, I re-watched the “Awakenings”, a 1990's movie. So touching, so nice movie. There is a line: “People nowadays don't know how to appreciate simple things...”, so true. We always forget the most simple thing that we should apprepicate; the bright blue sky, the little flower on the road, the little kids who are rushing to the school, the coffee shop girl who is making coffee for you...etc, etc. So many things that can make us happy because we are still alive and can expeirence that living world. A patient said she knew that it was not 1926 but she need it to be since in the past year during her “sleeping” in the hospital, she experienced nothing. Life without experience is not life anymore, no matter whether it's bad or good. Once, Robert DiNero asked the doctors if he can get a “holiday” from the hospital. Doctors asked him what would he do when having this holiday. He replied: “Go out for a walk, relax, have fresh air, and talk to others.” Very clear and simple wishes. Do we talk to others when we have time? It seems that we don't; we seldom talk about our true feelings, seldom talk to those around us, our family; there is lack of communications between people. Living, communicating and to experience are essential in our life which make it fruitful. umm....I have to do them all again from today......

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Thursday, 8 October 2009

03.10.2009 The Mid-Autumn Festival Eve

03 Oct 2009 was the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival. I went to Tai Hang to watch the traditional Fire Dragon dance. That traditional event held every year during the three days of the Mid-Autumn (base on the lunar calendar, it's 15th day of the eight month of each year).

This is the third time, I went there to watch the fire dragon dance. Here are some photos of the event.

Monday, 28 September 2009

26.09.2009 Macau Fireworks

I haven't login the blog and haven't taken photos for a long long time.

Last weekend, I went to Macau with my friends for the firework competition. It's an international one since 1988. Let me share some of my favour photos with you.