Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Luckily me

I love life and want my life beautiful.   Then, what is a beautiful life?  Having your love one besides you?  When you are success in your work and your works are being confirmed and appreciated?  Having a sweet home sweet?  How about live your life in the way you prefer without giving other hard time?  To me, it is more important to have a calm and peaceful heart for my life.

How to find peaceful from your heart?  It is not easy.  There are too many things in this universe can affect your emotion, and it stir your life and turn it into a mess.  I must admire that my mind is not in peace these days.   I hope that peace can come back to me soon.

I need help, the help from the inner me.   I have confidence that I can find the help I need because I am still be loved by my friends and family.  I am not alone and they willing to listen to me.  Luckily me.

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