Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My life as "Meego"

"Meego" has been started for almost six months. It means that I am no more a newbie but a kid in Etsy, lol.

I am so happy that I had decided to join Etsy. It is a wonderful place where I can find friendship, help, encouragement and satisfaction. In Etsy, I met many nice people and I had been featured in serval blog during this six months. And there are 3 things made me very exciting!

First of all, I had my first sale in April. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Diane is my first customer. She is a nice lady who always provide advise to us, who has no / low sales. Thank you very much, Diane. She hosts a thread in Etsy and is the owner of eclecticasia and she purchased my "Blue Flower in my heart Necklace".

Blue Flower in my heart

Secondly, in early May, I was featured by SaladforBreakfast with a giveaway of my "Blue Box Necklace". I obtained much encouragement from the giveaway which let me knew that I am in the right direction. The giveaway has finished yesterday and the winner is Bunny B. Congratulations, Bunny B.

Blue Box

The last one is that my "Blue Ocean Necklace" is in the treasury made by barefootweaver! The treasury is "Summer Hues". This is the first time my piece is included in a Treasury. Hurrah!!

I feel that I am full of energy again and certainly will have more nice pieces in the coming month!

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