Thursday, 8 January 2009

If You are the One 非誠勿擾

tsyLast night, I watched a movie named "If You are the One". This is a movie produced by China director Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛); and the male actor is Ge You (葛優) and the female actor is Shu Qi (舒淇).

The story is simple and it's about a 40+ business man back to China after having lived in US for years because he had to take care of his widow mother. Suddenly one day, he wanted to settle down and find his mrs right. He post an advertisement in the internet for blind date. The blind dates were very funny and crazy. And there was the day, he had a blind date with a girl who had an affair with a married man. He found that she might be the one.

This is a good movie not because of the beautiful scenery but those interesting lines. The most interesting one is the new explanation about "love in first sight". The meaning of "Love in First Sight" according to this movie is that you don't need a physical meet with the one. The smell of the right one will be all over the air if the one is near and you will feel it and you will be attracted by this smell. No matter how crowd the place is, you definately know that the one is just over there. "Love in First Sight!!" Wow, so incredible.

Where is my "Love in First Sight"?? How come I can't smell it? May be I need to be patient and wait for it for a while.

(A lotus in Hong Kong Park)

Can you smell it??


  1. i have no idea what it smells like but the movie sounds awesome

  2. Interesting concept. I do think that love just happens, whether or not you're expecting it to.