Monday, 5 January 2009

A new life in 2009

Today is the first working day after the long holiday for the new year. Needness to say, I have to make up my plan for this year.
Here are what I plan to do in 2009:

1/. Study hard on my English as this is not my mother language;
2/. More exerices since I am too fat;
3/. Complete my mentor programme as soon as possible and advance to CPA;
4/. Work hard at office as 2009 is not a good year for everyone due to the financial crisis;
5/. Try my best to find out my own style of jewelry making;
6/. Go out more and enjoy my life;
7/. If I can, find my mr. right.

Seems I will have a busy year. :P

Wedding utensil in the old times of China.

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