Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Wonder woman

I read a book the other day. It let me think about the attitude of being alive.

The small book talked about a woman who married to a man who is around 11 years elder than her when she just turned to 16. Her marriage was not a happy one because she did not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law who was living with her. Moreover, as a traditional Chinese man, her husband wanted her gave birth to a baby boy but she only had 4 girls with one of them is retarted. The days she had with her husband was full of argue and hate. They started gambling and the relationship became more worst.

She blamed Lord let her experience that kind of life. She was so depressed and angry that she ever thought of suicide. However, as a mother, when she looked at her children, she gave up that crazy thought. She had to be strong even though her husband did not support her.

Her life changed after she became Christian. No more gamble, no more fight. She becomes gentle and thoughtful. Her home is a peaceful place now. Because of her changes, her husband became a Christian too.

After few years of peaceful in her life, she got breast cancer at one side of her breast and few years later, she had it found at the other side too. During her sickness, the whole family fully support her. They belives that God will lead them the way. And now, she is still alive happily and she joins the volunteer team in the hospital to comfort patients with the same disease.

Life can be tough, can be sweet and never easy. What kind of life you have depends on how is your attitude, positive? negative? full of hope? or desperate?

I would take the positive and way of full of hope!

(need a light to show you the way?)

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  1. thanks for sharing an inspiring story. --equivoque