Sunday, 15 February 2009

Busy Days

2009 has passed one and a half month. I just reviewed this very begin of the year and seems it will be a crazy, busy year to me.

At first, the Chinese New Year of year OX was between end of January and early of February. Even though I did not need to help much on the housework, I have lots of assignment to finish before the holiday was end.

Secondly, I don't know why I feel that I am not in a good health since the year end of 2008. Maybe becasue I always have headache, really need a health checkup.

The third, the economy now is not good and I heard lots of "restructuring", lay-off, bankrupt, all bad news around. I really wish that will be all over soon. Under this Financial Tsunami, we, the citizens of the earth, need to cheer up and never give up.

Forth, it's my Etsy shop. I stopped doing jewelry making since the Chinese New Year holiday till two weeks ago because I need to refresh my mind and have something new for this year, 2009. When I make my works, I never have them sketched. All of them are only in my mind. Ideas will suddenly appear. Even I am in the office, ideas will come up. I need to learn how to organise my brain storm moment.

Finally, my lovely blog, I do want to blog everyday. It's not a easy task to me because english is not my mother language. Expressing myself in english is a bit difficult. However, I sure will keep on this blog as I love blogging!

Busy, crazy 2009? Nevermind, I love being busy as I am crazy! LOL


  1. Sounds like you are going to be busy and you must definitely keep express yourself very well.

  2. Get a check are too valuable to ignore.