Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My Cookie

I ever read a short story.

A business person, before he was diagnosis of cancer, thought that the key point to happiness was to obtain "cookies" in one's life. That "cookie" can be anything such as, a car, money, a trip, another half, etc.

The business person was inspirated by his little son one day after he was found having cancer that keeping "cookie" in one's life is too tough. Keeping that "cookie" and won't let it break or loss is a difficult task. Even the "cookie" is kept safely, not many of the people really enjoy it because they are too worry about lossing it. So why keep that "cookie"? The business person finally understand that a "life long cookie" of human should be our own LIFE.

I always say that I aim to have a happy and beautiful life. I do want to! However, sometimes, it's not easy to keep a smiling face.

"There's life, there's hope."
"Life is wonderful."
"Nothing is impossible."
That're what I want to tell myself today! CHEER UP!!

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