Saturday, 7 February 2009

Strawberry day

Yesterday, a sunny Saturday, Lily, Jade, Isabella, Belinda & I went to visit strawberry garden where we can pick strawberry by ourself. It's Lily's suggestion that we should go somewhere with lots of sunshine and near the nature. She loves to arrange outdoor activities for her kid, Jade. I definitely agreed with her as sunshine is good to our health.

In the morning, we planned to meet at 11:30 before we take a cab to the garden. As usual, Belinda and her daughter Isabella arrived late. On the cab, kids talked a lot and they were very excited because that was the first time they visit strawberry garden.

The garden is operated by a small corporation. Besides the strawberry field, they keep some small animal such as, pig, squirrel, rabbit and goat. Moreover, they arrange other activities that we can choose, for example, cycling, fishing, outdoor painting, etc. It's a good place for family gathering. I am thinking I should arrange one for my nephews and niece when they come to Hong Kong next time.

When we arrived the strawberry field, they provided each of us a basket to pick strawberry that we wanted by ourself. At first, we found not much strawberry and felt a bit disappointed. Later on, the gardener told us that we should go a bit further to the back of the field, there are lots of them. We went to the back and we were happy to find that big, red and fresh strawberry was everywhere.

After two hours, each of us had a full basket of yummy strawberry. It's really a lovely Saturday and next time, where should we go next time? Litchi field? Watermelon field? Corn field? Let's see.
My basket of strawberry
A closeup, Yummy!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy that you all had such fun!

  2. I love love strawberries..dipped in chocolate..wowee..yum yum yum!

    To die for!