Wednesday, 25 March 2009

"Departures" 禮儀師之奏鳴曲

Tuesday is movie night because ticket is sold in discount. I went to watch "Departures" , a Japan movie that won Oscar's "Best Foreign Film" this year.

The story is about an unemployed cellist, Diago, back to his home town and found a job in a funeral organising company. In Japan, this is kind of disgusting job. Even Diago's wife didn't agree him accepting the job. However, Daigo ignored the disagreement. During the time he preformed the services, he learnt a lot and at the same time he comforted lot of crying hearts .

I cried serval times when I was watching the movie because it is a very touching one. To me, the most touching scene was about the "Stone letter". Daigo said that when he was still a kid, his father told him that "Stone letter" is kind of way to express your feeling and care to people you love by giving them a stone that you choose for the one. A smooth stone means your care is soft. A big one means the receiver is big big love of the sender.

This is really a wonderful movie.

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  1. i want to watch this movie, i heard from radio this morning!