Sunday, 29 March 2009

Father's expensive baby - Camera

My father is the one who inspire me on photo taking. He is definitely a camera and photo fan.

When he was still a young guy, he own a traditional film camera at a cost of HK$800 plus. At the time, breakfast for one person only costed HK$0.10. So you can imagine how expensive was his first camera.

On almost every weekend in our childhood, we went to the Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to enjoy the fresh air and of course, he enjoyed his most favour hobby, photo shooting.

During my teenage, father was very busy on his business. Hence, we seldom have photos. The chances that we had our photos was during traveling. Father brought his baby with us and that were the only chances. I was very curious how it works and how the photos would be if I have the camera with me.

After my high school, I enrolled in a 3-months lesson on basic photography. That was the first time I hands on this machine, my father's expensive baby. It still worked after so many years sitting in the small box at the corner with good result.

Now, I usually go for shooting twice a month for practise and father will go out whenever he wants as he retired now. We only have shooting together for once which was the last Christmas, we went to the Ocean Park.

Photo shot by father
Photo shot by me

When will go for shooting together again? Must ask him out!