Monday, 29 December 2008

Two-days trip to China - KaiPing (part III)

KaiPing is one of the place in Guangdong province of Southern China where lots of diaolou can be found. Dialou have been built since the Qing Dynasty and most of them are built in 1920s and 1930s.

In the old times, many Chineses of the Southern China migrated to western countries for living. After they earned adequate money, they came back to the home town. They built their new home in China again with the technique that they had learnt when they lived overseas. Diaolou incorporated architectural features of difference western countries and China. Thus, you can find that the outlook of each diaolou is in different design.

Diaolou is fortified tower with several storeys and are usually built near rivers. At the time, thieves were attracted by the possession of the returned Chineses. Therefore, diaolou is built to protect from thieves and flood. Windows of the towers were usually in small size and made with metal. In each floor of the diaolou, there are four bed rooms, one living room, one kitchen and one washroom. Usually, the family lived in the ground floor. However, when there is flooding, they move up to the next floor or sometimes the upper floor. At the top of the diaolou, there is the room for worship of their ancient and a big balcony. The scenery outside the diaolou is very beautiful. The most famous diaolou are RuiShiLou, Majianglong Diaolou villiage, Fangshi Denglou.

This is an interesting and educational trip that I ever had and I enjoy it very much.

RuiShiLou Top floor balcony Ceiling of the living room

FangShi DengLou Kitchen inside diaolou

Sunset (outside diaolou)

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